Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Air Ducts

Have a prototype of a set of air duct tiles done.  Building them, then I'll get some pics and post a finished product.

Also, seem to have found a way to get nice PDFs sized right.  Coming up right after this commercial break.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Space Hulk: XT Token Set

Here are the tokens to accompany the XT action card decks.

One page should be good for most of your needs, but on the off chance that you end up with three of one single card in one game you'll need two pages. Tokens are 3cm, same size as a SH board square.

Air ducts up soon!


XT Action Cards!!!

Had trouble getting them into a PDF, so here's all of the cards for the Space Hulk: XT action cards deck in .jpg format.  Print out one copy of the first page and three of each of the others.  They should be sized at 100%, so when printed the cards should be 2.5' by 3.5'.  The cards with a purple "G" in the corner are the Genestealer deck, and the blue "M" are the marine deck.  See the previous post for full rules.  Let me know what you think, people!

High-speed fancy graphics version to follow!  Also, look out for counters for the action deck.

XT Action Cards Rules

Space Hulk: XT Action Card Rules
written by
Mick Cover
Basic Rules
Both players in Space Hulk: XT have access to a unique action deck of fifty cards. At the beginning of the game, both players draw one card from their deck. At the beginning of each player’s turn, that player draws one action card. In addition, once per turn, the Space Marine player may draw an extra card at any point during his turn by spending one command point. At the end of each player’s turn, if they have more than three action cards, they must discard down to three. These cards may be played at any time. When you play a card, follow the rues on the card as written.
Types of Cards- Order Cards are Marine action cards that effect one or more marine models on the board.
- Biomorph Cards are Genestealer action cards that change the genestealers on a targeted blip as it is moved onto the board.
- Counter Cards counter the effect of a card that was just played. This may be another Counter Card.
New Rules and Other Clarifications
Air Ducts
Some areas of certain space hulks have air ducts that are large enough to allow Genestealers to move through them. Air ducts are shown in the mission maps, and are treated like corridors with the following additional rules:
Genestealers:- Genestealers or Blips may enter an air duct from the space directly in front of the air duct at a cost of 2 action points.
- Genestealers or Blips may exit from the end of an air duct on to the space directly in front of the air duct at a cost of 1 action point.
- With the exception of entering and leaving, Genestealers and Blips move through air ducts exactly as if they were corridors.
Marines:- The air ducts are too high and narrow to allow Marines entry and although the Marines can see the opening of the air duct they have no line of sight into the air ducts themselves. This means that the Marines cannot fire at Genestealers inside air ducts, and Blips are not forced to convert.
- The only exception to this rule is that a heavy flamer may be fired into the air duct (thus flaming the entire air duct board section). This may only be done by a Marine facing directly in line with the opening and with no models in between.
Close Assault from Air Ducts:- If a Marine is standing in an exit space it may be attacked in close assault by a Genestealer inside the air duct.
HolesHole counters represent a hole in the floor. Genestealers are agile enough that they move across a Hole counter with no effect. When a marine moves into a square with a hole counter, the Marine player rolls a D6. On a 1, the Marine tumbles down to the next level! Unless you are playing a mission with specific rules for multiple levels, a model that falls through a hole is lost in the remainder of the space hulk and is considered killed for all mission objectives.
BulkheadsBulkheads are similar to closed doors, except that they cannot be opened. They are fixed in place and must be broken through.
- A model armed with a chainfist can break through a bulkhead in his front facing square by paying 2APs. Other models must make a close assault attack against them, succeeding if they roll a 6 or higher after modifiers are applied.
- A bulkhead may only be shot open by a heavy weapon that targets a point target, such as an Assault Cannon, but not by basic weapons like Storm Bolters heavy weapons that affect an area such as a Heavy Flamer. Roll the same number of attack dice you normally would, but the bulkhead is only destroyed if one or more of the dice is a six.
Inspecting BlipsWhen a player is allowed to inspect a blip, he may immediately look at the hidden side of the blip. This does not convert the blip in question, and the player may not look at it again at a later point unless some other effect allows him to do so.
“One Full Turn”When a card specifies that an effect does something for “One Full Turn,” it effects the remainder of the turn it is played in, as well as the entirety of the next players turn. It ceases to take effect during the upkeep phase of the next turn.
LeapA model with leap may move two spaces straight forward in a direct line for the cost of two action points. Models may only take Overwatch reactions towards the leaping model in the space it lands in. Each model may use this ability only once per turn.The Genestealer Broodlord has two wounds, six action points, and rolls 4D6 + 3 for melee attacks. It may be effected by “Biomorph” cards, but it counts as all three genestealers for this purpose.
Space Marine Auto-TurretThe Marine Auto-Turret is a model that may be placed because of a mission special rule or because of an action card. It has 0 AP, and may not spend any CP. It has a Defense of 6.
Placement, Pickup and Carrying- A model carrying an Auto-Turret is not effected by it. It may spend 1 AP to place the Turret in any of it’s front three squares, with any facing. The Auto-Turret may be picked up and carried by any friendly model for 1 AP. Models may only pick up a Turret in it’s front three squares.
Bolter- The Auto-Turret is armed with a bolter. This is much akin to a Terminator’s Storm Bolter, but with a lower rate of fire. The turret makes attacks with 1D6 + 0 damage. It has the “Unreliable” quality, which means that any attack roll it makes, weather on overwatch or as a regular attack, jams on an attack roll of a 1.
Melee- The Auto-Turret has no melee statistic. Any melee attack against it will destroy it.
Overwatch and Clearing Jams- The Auto-Turret comes into play on overwatch. Unless it jams or is attacked, it will always remain on overwatch. If the Auto-Turret jams, it may only be un-jammed or put back on overwatch by a friendly model with the Turret in its front three squares spending AP to do so.
Expanded CombatDefense and DamageDefense is the value needed on a ranged attack roll to wound the targeted model. Damage includes the number of dice rolled as well as any modifier applied to them for an attack.
- For example, a storm bolter has a 2D6 + 0 damage. Against a Genestealer or another Terminator, who have a Defense value of six, the attacker would roll two six sided dice and add zero. If either dice totaled a six then the targeted model would take a wound.
- Note: this only applies to the “Sentry Gun” card. It needs a roll of a six on it’s attack die to wound a model. This is simply included as such to make things consistent with the rest of the Space Hulk: XT modules.
WoundsWhen a model is successfully hit by a ranged attack or looses a melee attack, it suffers a wound. If a model has more than one wound, place a wound counter next to it. If a model looses it’s last wound, it is destroyed. All models unless otherwise noted only have one wound.
SaveWhen a model with a save is wounded or destroyed, roll a D6. If the result is equal to or higher than the model’s save, then it ignores the wound.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Delaying Action: a Space Hulk: XT Battle Report

Mission: Delaying Action, from Space Hulk: Campaigns
   Marine objective: Get two or more marines off the board via the room on the opposite side of the board from the start zone.
   Stealer objective: Eat all of the marines. NOM NOM NOM!

   Marine, -M
   Stealers, Charlie, aka Brother-Captain Rommel, but only when he's playing the marines you silly geese.

   We utilized the extended blip set from 1st edition (1 to 6 per blip instead of 1 to 3), with the XT action cards. Marine forces were one captain, one marine with a flamer, one marine with an assault cannon, one with lightning claws and one regular marine.  Having recently picked up an uber-sweet termie miniature from Scibor Miniatures, namely this one, http://sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?art=1037#i/2011/big/templar_p3_01.jpgI I decided we had to try him out. Hence, this mission.

Space Marine Captain: 1D6+2 in melee, with a parry like the marine sergeant. Adds two to the number of command points drawn. Is also armed with a grenade launcher with ten rounds. The grenade launcher has a range of 8 and targets a board section like a flamer. It takes 1 AP to fire and wounds any genestealers on the targeted section on a four plus. However, it does not block a board section like a flamer.

Turn 1
I move the marines up the main corridor with a sick CP draw, further augmented by the plus two of the captain. The stealers move blips up on either side at the nearby entry points.

Turn 2
I start off the turn with a Mothership Scan and check out the blip on the right. Turns out it's a five, a nasty start.

I rush up the center with another great CP draw, and as the stealers move up I play High Grav Zone on the left side to slow them down some.

Turn 3
Marines rush up further and the flamer turns round to cover the rear. The stealers continue to close in on both sides.

Turn 4
Captain runs up to the last x intersection. Battle-brother Logan (with the claws) runs up the left side to take care of the stealers there, which pose the biggest threat because they're the closest. Then the stealers move up a bit, and Charlie plays High-Grav zone in front of my commander to slow me down next turn.

Turn 5
The commander kills all of the stealers in the corridor in front of him so fast I didn't even get a pic of them. Brother Logan moves up the rest of the way to engage the stealers on the left. The stealers move up on the center corridor.

Turn 6
The commander doesn't fare so well with his shooting this turn, wasting 2 grenades and 7 AP/CP to kill two stealers. He then steps aside, letting the guy with the asault cannon finish up the job. All of the marines in the center corridor advance with the exception of the flamer, who burns both cross junctions to slow down the stealers and buy time.
The stealers mass in front of brother Logan...
...and accordingly, he shows them the fate of all those who oppose the Deathwing.
A few large blips pop and rush up the center in a desperate bid to catch the escaping marines.

Turn 7
Brother Logan begins his return trek to the center, while the three marines by the exit advance into the room. The flamer nobly covers their backs while leaving himself exposed, but I drop a bulkhead in front of the stealers so they will only be able to reach him from the front this turn.

The Stealers rush the marine with the flamer, but he crushes the first with his powerfist and manages to tie the second.
Turn 8
As the marines escape, brother Logan comes to support the flamer while he burns the beast in front of him, and the game is won, though the flamer dies shortly thereafter.

Conclusion: The mission was a success for the marines. This was in large part due to the stupidly ridiculous CP draws, Brother Logan's adamantium claws and BA attitude, and of course the sheer amount of awesome the Captain brought to the table for his inaugural battle. Seriously though, drawing 6 CP three times in the first seven turns, and never getting less than a three? Yet more evidence that the gods of fate love awesome miniatures.
Stay tuned. PDF of the full Action card deck is coming up next.

"Blood for the Blood God! Wait, I mean Sanguinus!" - Brother-Chaplin Lemartes of the Blood Angels


Monday, April 18, 2011

Exciting News! XT Action Cards Done!

After extensive playtesting and numerous revisions over the last few months, I am proud to announce that the first component of Space Hulk: XT, the action deck, is done being playtested!  I'll be posting a battle report tonight of one of our last playtests for the cards with full-sized card previews later tonight.  In the next few days I should have a consolidated PDF of simple text versions of the decks.  Shortly thereafter, I'll have a PDF of full-on, full color, snazzy graphic cards.

More info:
-One deck each for marines and stealers.
-Some cards the same in both decks, like being able to drop a bulkhead on an unocupied square.
-Unique marine cards, such as one model going on overwatch for free.
-Unique stealer cards, including "Report In!" which stops a target sergeant or captain from spending AP to move for a turn (though they may still turn and fire, or use CP to move).
-Stealer "Biomorph" cards, allowing for things like converting a "3" blip to a broodlord, or converting an off board blip to gain mutated stealers that have 7AP.
-Three copies each of fifteen different cards for each deck, plus five "Counter Cards" that, go figure, counter the effects of one card being played, which can include another counter card.  This ends up with two fifty card decks, so you can get two different fifty packs of card sleeves at your friendly local game store to keep them apart.
-Expandable!  When further Space Hulk: XT moduals are released, such as rules for hybrid genestealers, expanded psychic rules, or other forces like orks, eldar and tau, cards specific to those expansions will be included too.

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