Monday, April 18, 2011

Exciting News! XT Action Cards Done!

After extensive playtesting and numerous revisions over the last few months, I am proud to announce that the first component of Space Hulk: XT, the action deck, is done being playtested!  I'll be posting a battle report tonight of one of our last playtests for the cards with full-sized card previews later tonight.  In the next few days I should have a consolidated PDF of simple text versions of the decks.  Shortly thereafter, I'll have a PDF of full-on, full color, snazzy graphic cards.

More info:
-One deck each for marines and stealers.
-Some cards the same in both decks, like being able to drop a bulkhead on an unocupied square.
-Unique marine cards, such as one model going on overwatch for free.
-Unique stealer cards, including "Report In!" which stops a target sergeant or captain from spending AP to move for a turn (though they may still turn and fire, or use CP to move).
-Stealer "Biomorph" cards, allowing for things like converting a "3" blip to a broodlord, or converting an off board blip to gain mutated stealers that have 7AP.
-Three copies each of fifteen different cards for each deck, plus five "Counter Cards" that, go figure, counter the effects of one card being played, which can include another counter card.  This ends up with two fifty card decks, so you can get two different fifty packs of card sleeves at your friendly local game store to keep them apart.
-Expandable!  When further Space Hulk: XT moduals are released, such as rules for hybrid genestealers, expanded psychic rules, or other forces like orks, eldar and tau, cards specific to those expansions will be included too.

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