Friday, March 25, 2011

cardstock 40K Aegis Defense Line

Here is a card model I did a while back, based on the Warhammer 40K terrain kits that got released a while ago.

Print out on standard cardstock, fold over on the black line and glue together.  Then fold on each of the main vertical lines for a piece of free-standing defensive terrain.  You can either cut out the firing slit or if you're lazy you can just fill it in black.

We need dakka... LOTS OF DAKKA!



  1. This is great! As a Tyranid player who is now without AA guns in 6th, this is a simple solution to an very important problem. I don't want to go and buy 35$ imperial terrain so I can combat fliers! I can print out 1-2 of these for dimensions, decorate them Nid style, and use a homemade Tyranid bit quad-gun to shot down those pesky planes!

    Thank you so much this is really amazing!

  2. Ditto what the 'nid guy said. I've already used these to create the dimensions for some Orky Aegis lines. Thanks!

  3. You Legend!!! I'll be able to use this to create a Dark Eldar Aegis line, and a Tyranid Line no problem. Thank you so very much.