Friday, March 25, 2011

3D Space Hulk board/bunker prototype

To go with the defense line I just posted, here's a preview of a board variant I'm doing for SH.  I've always loved the idea of a 3D board, but storage is an issue, not to mention the fact that making one is a LOT of work to put towards something you're only going to use for one game.  So I came up with the idea recently of making a modular set of "bunker" style terrain, and making it with the same sizes and textures used in SH.  That way I could have a pimped out SH board, but still have it be useful for wargames of other sorts.  Note, the minis in these pics are not completed yet either, but I wanted to use 3rd ed sized figs for size.

After this prototype, which was loosely based on an old Starship Troopers bunker model I had, I decided to do some serious revamping on the design.  It looks cool, but it could be easier to make and more sturdy.  Currently in the process of modeling it from scratch and then skinning it, stay tuned.

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