Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gathering my Thoughts: new MTG intro pack.

Magic the Gathering has a new little intro pack out, called a "Two-Player Booster Battle Pack."  The pack contains two boosters and "20 semi-random cards" as well as a pair or 60-card deck boxes and a quickstart rules guide.

The deck boxes are nice enough, but they are hinged together by a perforated edge rather than being put in separately for whatever reason.  The "semi-random cards" aren't really much one way or the other.  You get four ten card packs, each being one of the five colors.  Each pack consists of five lands, four commons, and one uncommon.  All of them seem to be decently useful cards at least.  I don't know if every pack is the same five cards, but the ones I got are:

Goblin Fireslinger
Blood Ogre
Lava Axe
Stormblood Beserker.

Sacred Wolf
Giant Spider
Greater Basilisk
Lure (fyi these last three make for a really annoying combo.)

Skywinder Drake
Chasm Drake
Frost Breath
Azure Mage

Siege Mastadon
Pride Guardian
Armored Warhorse
Divine Favor
Serra Angel

All of the above cards are from the M12 set, as are the lands and both boosters.  Not the best buy ever, but not bad, especially if you need some decent commons to round out a deck or want a few more deck boxes.

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