Saturday, September 10, 2011

OVER-RULED! house rules for Gears of War

So having given Gears a good few plays, there are a few different things that have come up that I think would make more sense or just be more fun if slightly altered.  Here's a list so far.

Grinders: The Grinders are a variant type of Boomer that use a Mulcher instead of a Boomshot.  Grinders use the same models, wound tokens and AI cards as the Boomers.  However, the card for the Grinders specifies that they do not drop weapons when killed, even though the Mulcher as a weapon is present in the game.  The only reason I can really think of for this rule is that the Boomer wound token shows a Boomshot as the weapon dropped, and apparently saying you should count it as a Mulcher instead if dropped from a Grinder was too complicated.  I guess?  It makes little sense to me.  So we have HIZZOUSE RULE #1!

  -A Grinder drops weapons just like other models.  Use the Boomer wound tokens to determine this.  However, if a weapon is dropped, use the Mulcher weapon card instead of a Boomshot.

Troika HMG: One of the map tiles has a Troika HMG as an equipment icon.  If you begin your turn on it, instead of spending an action card you may make a six-die attack against one enemy on the board section.  This, however, is inconsistent in several ways.  One, the board section is four spaces wide... so if you can only target models on the board section, you either have a max range of one, or of two, depending on where the locust are standing.  Secondly, this is a heavy machine gun, and it has a maximum range that is only better than the shotgun if it is pointed in the right direction.  Say what?  Hence, to bring it in line closer with other weapon rules, hacienda el rule #2.

  -The Troika HMG is a six-die attack with a range of two (note, you may fire beyond it's range as per the normal rules for defense).  Line of sight is measured from the center of the equipment icon.

Boomshield: The Boomshield item is featured as a random weapon drop in the Gears boardgame.  It's ability grants the wielder plus two defense, but limits them to using only pistol weapons while carrying it.  As it is worded, you could benefit from both a Boomshield and cover at the same time.  However, this doesn't fit very well thematically, not to mention that it makes the wielder almost impervious to damage and throwing off game balance a bit in my mind.  In the Gears video game, the Boomshield literally is cover; you just carry it with you.  One of the actions you can take with it in the video game is to plant it standing up in the ground, at which point it is treated like a regular barrier.  So again, in the name of keeping the Gears boardgame in line with its own rules and with it parent, rule #3.

  -The Boomshield provides Full cover (+2 defense) to the wielder.  No cover bonus is granted for attacks from other models in the defender's area.

That's all for now, folks.  Though on a different note, does anybody else have two copies of Wretch card #9 but no #10?



Grenades!  Must not forget!  We have house-ruled that you may only carry four grenades at one time, like in the video game.  This normally doesn't come up, but if you take Baird in mission one and just sit his butt on the grenade area, you can get one for free every turn, no card spending required.  Four is more than plenty to complete the mission, but more than that is just silly, not needed, and breaks from the theme.

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